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Game-Changing Daily Printable Planner


Hellooo 2019!

Ok, I need to be honest.

I started this whole journey (aka my organization/designing/planner journey) because I was seriously fed up with dumb planners. Nothing seemed to fit my style and needs. A YEAR ago I started creating this baby (you should see the original planner I started.. HAHA) and I finally just launched it. I'm thrilled to have it done!

I needed places to put all the crap I have going on throughout my day, week, month and even year. Like... seriously a LOT of crap haha. If you're anything like me, you're busy! So why not make your life a teeeeny bit easier by having a spot to write it all down? I mean, if it doesn't get written down, it doesn't get done.. right?!


So without getting all bloggy on you, here it is: my partially-dated, fully laid-out, easy-to-print, 2019 Printable Daily Planner!!

The planner is still in test-mode for the printing instructions, so right now it's only $8! Grab yours before I change the price >:)

... and let me know what you think!!


‣ TWO sizes!

Why just two? Because I'm trying to simplify. Honestly, you don't need more than that, because you can resize the Letter Size to almost any size you want. (And if you REEEEEEEALLY need a different size, just let me know and we'll work something out).

1 Letter size (8.5 x 11)

1 Half size (5.5 x 8.5)

‣ 1 Yearly Overview (DATED)

I love this thing! It lays out your entire year with spots to add in the important deadlines or dates (please don't forget your kid's birthday...)


‣ 12 Monthly (DATED!) Calendars

Alright, this is mostly an UN-dated planner.. so why did I include DATED monthly calendars?? Because dating a whole month, 12 times is so freaking annoying. So, I did you a favor! You're welcome.


‣ 52 Undated Weekly Overviews

This is the best. thing. ever. It displays the whole week, hour-by-hour, so you can see every flippin' thing you have going on that week. Trust me, your OCD will love you. You can use colors and doodles to make it fun too!


‣ 365 Daily Undated Detailed Planner Pages

Think... DETAILS. Holy guacamole. There's a timeline that actually starts when you do... 5am. (HAHA that's so early. BUT, this has been part of my morning routine lately and it's the besssssst thing I've ever done). Not only does it start early, but it ends late! Because, let's be realzz. Who goes to bed before 11?! If you do, I envy you.

Timeline aside, there are places for To-Do's, Priorities, Meal Planning, Fitness, Notes (BUJO!) and even a place for Gratitude (also part of my morning routine!) You'll seriously step up your day with this baby.


‣ 12 BONUS Monthly Habit Trackers

This. Game changer. Throw all your habits you are struggling with up on this tracker and take charge of your life!! You'll be able to see your progress throughout the month. And again, you can be as creative as you want!


High Resolution Prints (350 dpi)

Because who want fuzzy images?


(I love Schmitt)

‣ Color Month + Year calendars, & Beautiful Black and White Weekly + Daily Planners

Why did I do it this way?? Because printing in color is VERY expensive.. especially when you go somewhere to get it printed. I went to print this planner in all color, and for just a 6-month stretch, it was going to cost me $200!! UM NO.

So I did the pages that had the most volume and opted for a much simpler design. Cost? About $30 (cutting included!!!)

Now, you can of course print these yourself! You will save a ton more money, but it's a tiny bit more work. Luckily I have included...... ☟☟☟

Printing Instructions

YAS! Seriously! I walk you through this process, in soo much detail. Probably too much detail haha. I've included the instructions in the digital file, or you can check them out on this blog post.


‣ Extra Bullet Journal Note Pages

If you're anything like me, you love to doodle. HAVE to doodle. And take notes. And you need more space than just the tiiiiiiiiny box they give you on those store-bought planners. So I've included a few BUJO (Bullet Journal, fyi) pages for you overachievers out there. Huzzah!

So there you have it. The most bestest, most detailed, most life-changing planner out there. Snag one here and let me know what you think!!!

♡ Bre



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