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The Secret to Perfect Brush Lettering is Easier Than You Think

What’s the secret to perfect brush lettering/calligraphy/handlettering/modern script?

I’ll tell you.

You ready?


So then… what is it? … Here are 3 must-knows for calligraphy:

1. Learn the Basic Strokes

Calligraphy is made up of a combination of what is called “basic strokes”. There are 9 basic strokes that make up every letter of the alphabet in some variation or another. Some strokes will be slightly modified, but most are made up of nine different strokes.


Once you feel that you have the hang of these basic strokes, you can then move on to putting them together to form letters. I go through this in depth in my FREE workbook that just launched with my calligraphy subscription box, Brushed Box. It will walk you through all the basic strokes, lowercase alphabet, and gives you tons of practice sheets to learn and grow.

2. Know Your Pressure

Just remember, up is light pressure and skinny lines, while down is heavy pressure and thick lines.

When it comes to calligraphy, this is ALWAYS the case. The only exception would be when using flourishes, but we won’t get into that right now.

Make sure you are doing your drills in this workbook and practicing the up strokes, down strokes and all the connecting strokes in between. You can simply practice using your pens and paper (if you want more info on what tools and products to use, click here) creating heavy downstrokes and light upstrokes. Make sure when you are transitioning into curves, you keep the pressure consistent while moving into the o, n, u.. or any other curves.


Make sure you are practicing these basic strokes frequently! They are the base of calligraphy and will help you improve your lettering.

As you practice, take your time. If there is a stroke that is giving you grief, keep going over it again and again until you feel more comfortable with it.

You will not improve unless you are PRACTICING. Every. Single. Day. Don’t fall into the same trap I did and not make time for it. If you can practice every day for a month, I promise your calligraphy skillllz will improve dramatically.

Want to improve your calligraphy even MORE?!

I just launched a new subscription box called BRUSHED BOX! Think of it like a calligraphy and watercolor class in a box.. delivered to your door!

Check out my website to find out more ♥


You can do this!

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Thanks, friend!

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